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Le 25/01/2015 23:39, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Hi all,

I've tested the hydroxyd demo : "love vs darkness" under hatari and
hatari reboots just after the first choice menu.

Link is :

In the trace, I can see :

$00e0268a : 21fc 00e0 3920 1136                move.l #$e03920,$1136.w
$00e02692 : 21fc 00e0 32ac 1152                move.l #$e032ac,$1152.w
$00e0269a : 21fc 00e0 32ba 1156                move.l #$e032ba,$1156.w
$00e026a2 : 21fc 00e0 340a 1132                move.l #$e0340a,$1132.w
$00e026aa : 11fc 0003 fc04                     move.b #3,$fffffc04.w
$00e026b0 : 11fc 0095 fc04                     move.b #$95,$fffffc04.w
$00e026b6 : 11fc 0007 0484                     move.b    #7,$0484.w
$00e026bc : 21fc 00e0 225c 114a                move.l #$e0225c,$114a.w
$00e026c4 : 203c 00e0 2750                     move.l    #$e02750,d0
$00e026ca : 21c0 1142                          move.l    d0,$1142.w
$00e026ce : 21c0 1146                          move.l    d0,$1146.w
$00e026d2 : 21c0 114e                          move.l    d0,$114e.w
$00e026d6 : 6100 05e8                          bsr       $e02cc0
$00e02cc0 : 41f8 11d6                          lea       $11d6.w,a0
$00e02cc4 : 21c8 11c6                          move.l    a0,$11c6.w
$00e02cc8 : 31fc 0003 11ca                     move.w    #3,$11ca.w
$00e02cce : 7001                               moveq     #1,d0
$00e02cd0 : 224f                               movea.l   sp,a1
$00e02cd2 : 2478 0008                          movea.l   $0008.w,a2
$00e02cd6 : 21fc 00e0 2ce6 0008                move.l #$e02ce6,$0008.w
Debugger: *CPU breakpoint*

My breakpoint was :  > b pc=$e02cde

It reboots as soon as I use "continue".

Does this write to address $8.w generates a problem or should I dig
deeper at instructions after $e02cde ?


your traces are pointing to ROM, so I guess that's not where the origin of the problem is. Maybe it's something earlier.

As for writing to $8, it's allowed, tos often uses a custom bus error handler at $8 to detect if a particular hardware is there or not by writing to its memory location (write succeed if HW is there, else you often get a bus error)

Did you try with or without MMU, with compatible or CE mode ?


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