Re: [hatari-devel] add support for TT ram ?

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On 18 Dec 2014 at 0:23, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:

> Le 18/12/2014 00:00, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> >
> > Btw. I noticed another issue with TOS v3, which isn't there with
> > EmuTOS... TT-RAM is detected only when there's 4MB or less of ST-RAM
> > (based on what Sysinfo application reports).
> >
I don't think this can be true.  A standard Atari-equipped TT could have up to
10 MB of ST-RAM and 16 MB of TT-RAM.  I think one of my TTs is setup that way
(in's in a box at the moment, so I can't check quickly).

> Haven't tried this combination yet ; but that's because RAM > 4 MB is
> not standard in tos, so in stMemory.c we force it by validating the
> magic values in 0x420, 0x43a and 0x51a.

I don't think this observation is valid either.  Falcons can have up to 14 MB
of ST-RAM and TTs (as noted above) up to 10MB.


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