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Next time I have my STF connected I will try this, however, it should be possible to deduce what can be done from the research I've done into the GLUE state machine. So, I'll wager a guess that they remove the right and lower borders. Top and left I don't see how that could be done - the mono line start timing is what's used for left border in the other screen modes and Alien documented mono screen start to be the same as 60Hz screen start (i.e, top border position in 50Hz).

If so, it's done by _not_ being in mono at cycle 164 on each line (and letting HBLANK at 184 take care of line end) as well as making sure not to be in mono at the end of (mono) line 400 (should correspond to ~212.5 in 50Hz timing-speak).

The latter position I'll definitely research since it's not documented in the state machine at the moment ("mono screen end") - and the likely accompanying "mono vblank" as well.


On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 11:56 AM, Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

attached is BEIDSCR9.PRG from
(the link on pouet is dead). It's supposed to be an overscan in

Does someone have an STF with mono monitor to run it and do a video capture ?
I would be quite interested to see the effect to be able to
emulate it.

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