[hatari-devel] Hatari ACIA TX interrupts

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I have been trying to debug some MIDI code and getting different results between Hatari and a real Falcon.

Setting TX interrupt enable on the MIDI ACIA seems to have no effect - no interrupts are generated when writing to the MIDI data port. 

Testing the same code on a real Falcon does generate interrupts as expected when the port clears.

I also noticed that setting the RX interrupt enable bit will generate interrupts when writing data to the MIDI data port, which seems a bit strange? I didn't test that on a real Falcon but at face value it seems incorrect? RX interrupts should only occur when data is flowing into the machine via the (virtual) midi socket.

While I am using a Windows build of Hatari and external Windows MIDI support isn't implemented - I think the emulated side should not behave in this way regardless.

Any info welcome.


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