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On sunnuntai 17 elokuu 2014, Thomas Huth wrote:
> schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Some options:
> > - document that SDL2 builds support only alphanumeric shortcuts
> > - add code to skip indicator drawing for such shortcuts with SDL2
> That sounds like a bad idea ... SDL2 will be the only option one day,
> so we should go for a solution that works with both versions of the SDL
> library now.
> > There are few very useful use-cases for non-alphanumeric
> > shortcut keys:
> > - List arrows, e.g. in joystick & fsel dialogs.
> >   I've mapped them to < and >.

What do you propose to be used as keyboard shortcuts for arrows

Pressing </> to switch Joystick interface in Joystick dialog
and shortcut for given joy option, is 10x nicer to use to change
what port has joystick, than moving focus to arrow, then to joy
option, back to arrow, back to joy option...  Especially when
focus changing doesn't have key repeat.

(Personally I prefer using shortcuts also over mouse.)

> > - Frequently used buttons on top of the file selector,
> >   mapped to '.', '$', '~', '/'.
> > 
> > Of these symbols, I think '.' doesn't need Shift on all/most
> > keyboards, but others do.  I guess the Fsel buttons could instead
> > of symbols use _UP, _CWD, _HOME and _ROOT text/shortcuts, but that
> > would conflict with letter shortcuts for jumping to corresponding
> > place in file list.
> After all, maybe it's either not so important to have shortcuts for the
> buttons on top of the file selector ... or maybe we should just not
> implement the letter-shortcuts to jump to the corresponding places in
> the file list.

I'm not yet giving up either of them.  Most important of the buttons
for keyboard navigation is '..', without that Fsel cannot be used
just with keyboard.  Rest I could consider.

Letter shortcuts in the list would make it much more convenient to
use with keyboard, when you know the name of the file you want.
Just press the first letter and scroll down few items if needed,
to select the desired file, then accept the dialog.  I guess it
should also focus the first filename.

Do you have other proposals how the Fsel list could be made easier
to navigate with keyboard?

Btw. I added your UTF-8 -> latin1 conversion for SDL GUI (filename)
strings with same ifdefs as what were used in Max' GEMDOS HD patch.

	- Eero

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