[hatari-devel] Statistician app NULL pointer crash with GEMDOS HD emu?

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Could somebody more knowledgeable with ASM look into why
Statistician application:

Crashes right after doing Dfree() call with Hatari GEMDOS HD emulation,
when you click on a (GEMDOS HD emu) drive name button.

Crash is due to NULL pointer access slightly after Dfree() call returns:
$e0058c : 4e73                                 rte
$038aac : 4e5e                                 unlk      a6
$038aae : 4e75                                 rts
$03486a : 3f10                                 move.w    (a0),-(sp)
Debugger: *CPU exception*

The application works fine when clicking on a button for a floppy
or ACSI image, it shows the info in GEM dialog.

The data set by GEMDOS HD emulation (into address provided by
the application) looks similar to what happens with real TOS:

I also tested by giving smaller disk size/free value from
GEMDOS HD emulation, that didn't help.

	- Eero

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