Re: [hatari-devel] Things still remaining before v1.8 release?

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On keskiviikko 25 kesäkuu 2014, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > - adding new Hatari options to Hatari (python) UI

I added new Hatari options to the python UI.

There's still a bunch of older options which are still
missing support from the Python GUI.

Any wishes on which of the missing options supported by
Hatari command line or SDL GUI should still be added to
the Python GUI configuration dialogs:
  - VDI planes and size
  - HD booting, toggling disk-b autoinsertion
  - joystick autofire toggling, defining the keys for joyemu
  - keyboard repeat, key mapping type and file, mouse grabbing
  - SDL bpp forcing, spec512 threshold, ST blitter
  - cartridge image (where? it has many limitations)
  - log file and levels, console output, bios intercept, run-VBLs

> > - final documentation updates
> > ?
> > 
> > Any bugs or comments / wishes on the debugger side?

	- Eero

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