[hatari-devel] Weird Falcon monochrome mode regression?

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I run TOS bootup tester for all TOS versions with latest
Hatari code.  Tester didn't notice any issues, bootup and
the GEMDOS operations it tried worked fine.

However, I noticed a weird change from previous Hatari
version for Falcon emulation (oldUAE CPU core).

If machine is booted from floppy with monochrome monitor,
screen colors are red/white (even TOS v4 Atari logo)
instead of the expected black/white which I get with
earlier Hatari versions.

This change has happened some time during last 1.5 months.
It happens only with monochrome monitor and only if
there's floppy image inserted.

What's more strange:

It doesn't happen always with all the floppy images.  With
Hatari's tests/tosboot/bootauto.st.gz one it has so far happened
every time.   With an empty 360 sector single sided disk image
it seems to happens randomly, more reliably if I disable RTC.

However, it has never happened when I run Hatari under valgrind
(which slows Hatari down a lot).

-> It seems to be somehow floppy / timing related...

	- Eero

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