Re: [hatari-devel] breakpoint on CALL_SUBRETURN condition doesn't work ?

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On perjantai 04 huhtikuu 2014, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> when using in the debugger "n subreturn", the program should run until a
> RTS is seen for example.
> But it never breaks, am I missing something (this is with old cpu core) ?
> Eero, do you have a idea ?

Can you provide the disassembly (containing also opcodes)
from the instruction where you give the command to
the RTS instruction?

"n subreturn" should create breakpoint:
	CpuOpcodeType=%d :once :quiet

Where %d is code for CALL_SUBRETURN, which maps to:
        Uint16 opcode = STMemory_ReadWord(M68000_GetPC());

        if (opcode == 0x4e74 ||                 /* RTD */
            opcode == 0x4e75 ||                 /* RTS */
            opcode == 0x4e77)                   /* RTR */
                return CALL_SUBRETURN;

Could you add some other breakpoint into middle and check
whether above breakpoint is set (with 'b' command)?

(code for above is in src/debug/debugcpu.c)

	- Eero

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