Re: [hatari-devel] Falcon left-right sound swapper bug?

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Hi David,

I introduced these 0 later in the crossbar code, because sometimes, when the 68030 was crashing, there was an horrible repeating sound in hatari. In the real hardware, when a value is read into the little 32 bytes memory, I think it doesn't exist anymore after, so that's why I introduced these 0.

Removing them doesn't remove the problem. Instead, when there's the problem, we can hear an echo (repeating of the latest 0.5 s or so (0.5 is not an exact value here))

2 things I find stange :

- when I try to change #define DACBUFFER_SIZE 2048 by 4096 or more, I have no sound or a really really dirty sound

- I've placed a little test which detects a value !=0 and then count when there are more than 6 consecutive 0 in a sound (and then display it found a case) :

    int detect_in = 0;
    int count_in = 0;

        // Detect in
        if (dac_LeftData != 0)
            detect_in = 1;
        if (detect_in == 1) {
            if (dac_LeftData == 0) {
                count_in ++;
                if (count_in > 6) {
                    fprintf(stderr, "IN > 6\n");
                    detect_in = 0;
                    count_in = 0;

I've placed this code into Crossbar_GenerateSamples :

I've places it at the end to detect if there's a 0 hole in the dac_LeftData and in the MixBuffer[nBufIdx][0] I get some few holes when the sound is OK and a lot of holes when the sound is dirty.

So, the echo when I apply your patch (or the 0 value when not) + this test seems to indicate :

- we're sometimes reading the buffer backward (or too far at once, wich, with the modulo DACBUFFER_SIZE returns before the latest values played)
- we're sometimes reading the buffer many times at the same place (which would be strange according to the code).

I've given a look at nSamplesToGenerate (in the function parameters). It's always 882 (with good or wrong sound)

I continue to look at this.


Le 16/04/2014 21:12, David Savinkoff a écrit :
----- Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
Hi David,

I don't think the bug is here :

The aim of this code is to separate the sound into a left and a right part.

Hi Laurent,

Thank you for the explanation. I have been comparing dmaSnd.c with
crossbar.c and finding ways to improve crossbar.c

I noticed that zeros are being written back to a buffer after the data is
read so that a subsequent read would be zero... to avoid introducing
a zero order hold filtering effect. However; if this buffer is 'actual'
Falcon memory, there is a problem.

Please see the enclosed patch.

David Savinkoff

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