Re: [hatari-devel] breakpoint on CALL_SUBRETURN condition doesn't work ?

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Le 07/04/2014 22:48, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

Can you provide an exact case that doesn't work?

It's easiest to do with CPU disassembly enabled.


Problem is that when the breakpoint doesn't trigger, you get hundreds of cpu disasm, because the program never breaks at all, so it won't help.

It seems to work randomly. Test with tos1.02 fr :

1) start hatari and immediately set this breakpoint for example
b pc=fc156a

once it breaks :
n subreturn

CPU=$fc06cc, VBL=56, FrameCycles=168, HBL=0, LineCycles=168, DSP=N/A
$fc06cc : 6b00 00cc                            bmi       $fc079a

> d fc06b0
$fc06b0 : c07c 0700                            and.w     #$700,d0
$fc06b4 : 6606                                 bne.s     $fc06bc
$fc06b6 : 006f 0300 0002                       ori.w     #$300,2(sp)
$fc06bc : 301f                                 move.w    (sp)+,d0
$fc06be : 4e73                                 rte
$fc06c0 : 52b9 0000 0466                       addq.l    #1,$466
$fc06c6 : 5379 0000 0452                       subq.w    #1,$452
$fc06cc : 6b00 00cc                            bmi       $fc079a
$fc06d0 : 48e7 fffe                            movem.l   d0-d7/a0-a6,-(sp)
$fc06d4 : 52b9 0000 0462                       addq.l    #1,$462
$fc06da : 9bcd                                 suba.l    a5,a5

-> subreturn stops at a "branch" Bcc ?

2) start hatari and set this breakpoint :
b pc=fc03b8

n subreturn

CPU=$fc054a, VBL=47, FrameCycles=88, HBL=0, LineCycles=88, DSP=N/A
$fc054a : 4e75                                 rts
> n subreturn

CPU=$fc054a, VBL=47, FrameCycles=136, HBL=0, LineCycles=136, DSP=N/A
$fc054a : 4e75                                 rts
> n subreturn

CPU=$fc054a, VBL=47, FrameCycles=184, HBL=0, LineCycles=184, DSP=N/A
$fc054a : 4e75                                 rts

-> this time is works.

For more tests, I start Hatari, press alt+pause nearly immediately and type "n subreturn", I get various results, but it doesn't always stop on a rts or similar

(hatari with old cpu core + make clean + make)


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