Re: [hatari-devel] It seems I encounter a bug into hatari

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Le 27/03/2014 17:39, laurent.sallafranque@xxxxxxx a écrit :

You're right Thomas.
It seems I can abuse these registers in word size (Racer works well to confirm that), but not in long words.

I've written a little program based on Nicolas 's asking which displays the values of the registers $ff8240 and $ff8242 when I first write a long word into them.

I'll send you the result values on both my falcon and Hatari tonight.

But even 16 bit words doesn't seem possible ; a color register has only 12 bits in STE mode (bits 12-15 are set to 0).

Maybe in falcon these bits can store informations, but that would be surprising as this can really break compatibility with many programs that try to run in STF/STE mode on Falcon.


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