[hatari-devel] 030 emulation issue

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I found what looks like a bug in the WinUAE CPU emulation (I don't imagine it would happen much in the wild, but it is severe if encountered).

Writing and then reading the state of CAAR differs between Hatari and real HW.

On Hatari, only bits 2-7 (low byte, rounded to long address) are preserved as 1's, the rest return 0.

On real HW, all bits in this register are preserved as 1's if written and read back, even if most are not used internally by cache management.

There is a reason I noticed this ;-) but I think the details of that are not as interesting here as the accuracy of emulation.

I noticed this some time ago, but didn't report it until I could compare the two properly.

(There are a couple of other things like this I have noticed, but will try to diagnose in detail before bringing them up).


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