Re: [hatari-devel] IKBD bugs?

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Le 01/01/2014 18:47, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

Douglas mentioned in Atari forum:

Something that seems like "IKBD" bug:
	pressing LSHIFT+S+D together, in that order, produces F1 key code
     (on Falcon)

Any idea whether that is related to some particular IKBD firmware version,
or e.g. just to how the keyboard matrix is wired up?

	 - Eero


I can't reproduce this.

Can you uncomment line 978 in ikbd.c and see what you get in the console ? (you will get one printf for each ikbd internal byte)

The ikbd doesn't handle several keypresses itself, what it does is to report each press/release and it's up to the 68000 code to handle key combinations.

In my case, if I press left shift, I get 0x2a ; pressing 's' then sends 0x1f (doesn't release 0x2a), then 'd' sends 0x20, so I get this :

send byte=0x2a delay=0
send byte=0x1f delay=0
send byte=0x20 delay=0

But not F1 (which looks like a reset of the IKBD)

I tested in STF and Falcon mode (rom 4.04) under Hatari.


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