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Le 16/11/2013 09:32, Christer Solskogen a écrit :

Have anyone of you tried the MiST box?


I haven't tried it, but the idea of building an all-in-one computer that can work as an ST, an Amiga or some other platforms is really nice.

I once gave a look at the sources to see if they had some better implementations of some of the components used in Atari's emulation, but so far I would say it's not the case, they have a broad basis that should make most games work, demos should be more problematic due to lack of cycle accuracy in the 68000 emulation, as well as shifter being rather basic.

I would say it should be the same level of compatibility to what Hatari used to be around v0.70 or v0.80, which is good for most use, but still require a lot of work to complete all the cycle related stuffs and shifter behaviours.

But I think it's very interesting to have software and hardware emulation of the ST ; SW can be used to do some prototyping and to see how a possible implementation should be done. HW can then use it as a verified method to increase accuracy (the HW version in VHDL if often clock oriented, while the SW will try to avoid emulating at every cycle as it would require too much cpu power, but the logic of each component can definitly be shared). On the other side, HW people will sometime reverse engineer some components using analyzer, which can be useful to describe some behaviour not yet correctly defined in the datasheets and help improving some not well known effect in SW too.


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