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On 23/11/2013 23:29, David Savinkoff wrote:

Hi Nicolas,

The latest changes to Hatari solved the problem of a
- [Emutos-devel] Slow EmuTOS boot-up -.
However, there may be a little clean-up required.

Hatari changeset 4748 mentions:
Update manuals about giving an empty string for a floppy/HD image to disable it

This is not quite right because:
- a floppy drive can be ON and have a floppy inserted
- a floppy drive can be ON and have a floppy not inserted
- a floppy drive can be OFF and have a floppy inserted
- a floppy drive can be OFF and have a floppy not inserted

I agree the command line doesn't allow to specify drive off with inserted floppy, but I don't think it's necessary/really useful. At first, I thought about having a separare "drive on/off" flag, but I used the same behaviour as "-d" when an empty dir name is given.

In most cases you might want to start Hatari with a drive turned off, having a floppy or not in it doesn't really matter since the drive is off anyway. You can insert one latter in the UI if you really want.

Maybe I'll add a separate parameter later.

This can be seen by pressing F12 > Floppy Disks
and noting the [check boxes] and [Eject button].

I also noticed that Hatari/EmuTOS always shows Drive B:
when both drives are disabled now.

Hatari needs to be tested for Floppy disk / Floppy drive / EmuTOS
combinations so that the F12 > Floppy Disks menu makes sense.

Isn't that the same on a real STF ? If I start mine with drive B turned off, drive A and B icons are displayed nonetheless on the desktop. What matters is the content of 0x4c2.l once GEM is up as it contains the bitmask for the detected drives ; do you have 0 or 1 or 3 in this case ?

But I don't know how emutos is checking if a drive is on or off, if I recall correctly there were some discussions lately about this and it used a slightly different sequence of FDC commands than a real TOS.


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