[hatari-devel] Possible regression: AHCC v4.15 bombs with current Hatari

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Hello all,

I tried the current AHCC v4.15 (http://ahcc.atari.org/) in a current
Hatari build (hg pull && hg update today).

AHCC bombs with 10 or 15 bombs in Hatari with NEWCPU for F030 (way too
many and Hatari resets pretty soon), both from the GUI and the TTP
version when trying to compile a .C file such as the provided "hello
world" example.

The same AHCC binaries work ok on my Falcon or with Aranym. ( i only
tried the 020 version and CF version, not the ST one yet)

@Henk: I could trace my ahcc_rt.h failure to a bogus .prj file.

So do we have some sort of regression in Hatari? (I must admit, the last
time I tried AHCC with the Hatari Falcon build was many months ago)

Matthias Arndt <marndt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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