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Can it run on B:? I have SF314 that is noticeably slower then usual builtin (in STE/STF) floppies. I could test it with that.

2013/9/22 Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm improving the timings for the floppy controler and I'd like to have some results for the attached program on real hardware (STF or STE, not TT or Falcon).

This program measures the time between index pulse on a floppy (which depends on the RPM settings for the drive) ; on my STF, I get the following values :

Index Pulse OFF / ON duration after restore track 0 :
000099e8 000002e8
000099e9 000002e8
000099ea 000002e9
000099ea 000002e8
000099ec 000002e8

Values will change a little, but should stay in this range.

Could someone with a working STF/STE test this program and post the results ? I need results from different machine to measure the relation between RPM and index duration.

Just copy this fdc_idx.prg on a floppy and run it ; it will read track 0 and do some measures during 1 or 2 sec (nothing is written on disk)



Semper Fidelis

Adam Klobukowski

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