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In my case, I'm mainly interested in accuracy and low level hardware emulation, that is reaching a point where the emulator could really match the real machine at the bus level for example ; honestly, coding UI is really on the bottom of my todo list, not that I deny it's not required to improve it, but that's not what I plan to do as "fun" on the spare time I can devote to Hatari.
Nicolas, I totally understand. I really appreciate all the work you (and Laurent) put into the emulation accuracy, it's actually the opposite -- the first time I saw my intro running in Hatari, the same day I took the DSP code and started all this madness :). Without you guys, I wouldn't even think of emulating DSP ("too hard, impossible", you know :))
Given the work you made to build your UI and the fact that you seem to be interested by improving the UI for demos' developpers, maybe you could be the man to work on this part in Hatari ?
Emulation's knowledge is not necessarily required, it's more about handling windows and mapping some data structures in a more user friendly layout.
Technically, you're right. However, I can't (must not) do it else I'd end up as Aranym founders. Do you know why they had started the project? Because they needed a simple way how to develop GEM programs and Aranym seemed like "doable in a few weeks".. We have never seen any Atari program from them since then. And since I've spent on this (taking care of how to develop instead of development itself) incredible amount of time already (it's been years since I wrote any new DSP code!), I want to focus solely on Atari coding now because, well, I've got finally all the tools I need.

As I said, I just wanted to show you that it's really not that hard. The reason why I didn't do that for Hatari in the first place is that Hatari wouldn't help me with debugging of C code :-(

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