Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari ported to Ouya as "atabee"

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Le 27/07/2013 10:14, Matthias Arndt a écrit :
Hello all,

As a fresh owner of the Ouya console ( I discovered
yesterday that Hatari has been ported to the console under the name

Contrary to SToid a link to the sources is provided making it this time
GPL conformant.

Sofar I only tried the official distribution which ships approx v1.7 of
Hatari with EmuTOS 0.9.1 and a disk image of Nostalgic-O demo which
seems to be working. I will test the emulator more in the future and see
how much Hatari is in there. The SDL gui is there in any case in the
standard Hatari way.



yes Mark Fechtner sent me an email on 17 july about this, but I didn't have time to forward it here.

Here it is.


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just wanted to drop you a note on the release of an Hatari Android port for the OUYA console ( It's a near the perfect way to have an (albeit emulated) ST hooked up to a TV - the whole reason I did this quick port.

Of course it's open source (
If you don't have access to an OUYA, you can also download the APK under the link above.

Unfortunately this port is "tailored" (meaning me being lazy) to OUYAs 1080p resolution, so other Android devices work, but the Mouse mapping is off - making the SDL menu unusable. OUYA has its own Mouse via the Gamepads touchpad so no mouse cursor is shown on normal Android devices either.

I did not use the Hatari name directly to avoid the confusion wether this is an official port or not.

But enough about Atabee.

I also wanted to thank you and your teammates for the tremendous work you all did - being a demoscener since the very early days (both on ST and Falcon) Hatari is invaluable to preserve (and occasionally revisit) that time.


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