[hatari-devel] New drive led color for A: and B:

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while debugging FDC, I noticed it was difficult to follow what was happening, because when a drive is selected, it's color is always green, whether it's doing something or not.

So, I added a 3rd state to the color of a led, to make it brighter when the drive is selected and is currently executing an FDC command.

This way, the drive led can be :
 - dark green : drive is not selected
 - green : drive is selected and idle
 - bright green : drive is selected and busy

This gives a much nicer result when a program is reading a floppy, the green led will blink in response.

This should not break programs that turn the drive led on/off in idle state while playing music (see the LCD Demo by TEX for example).

I only changed the FDC behaviour, not the HDC.


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