Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari/EmuTOS Conflict

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On 12/06/2013 22:50, David Savinkoff wrote:
Hi Nicolas,

I tested this new Hatari with my joysticks, keyboard and mouse.
Tested OK. Excellent.

I think this fixes the problems with uncalibrated joysticks I've had
in the past too.

good to know, hopefully acia should be really accurate now and for the next Hatari releases to come.

One more thing:

I found that ACIA_Write_CR() in hatari/src/acia.c overwrites the
Set_Line_RTS ( 1 ) made by ACIA_MasterReset( pACIA , CR )
with a Set_Line_RTS ( 0 ).

Thanks for spotting this, even if RTS is not connected on ST and I don't think any program rely on it, it's better to fix it (I did it in a different way from your patch, I didn't want to change/force CR before we check bits 5/6 ; I think another variable to store the forced bit makes the code more "intuitive")


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