[hatari-devel] Better interrupts for simultaneous HBL/VBL

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similar to what I changed for MFP, I added support for the IACK sequence during an HBL/VBL exception. This will fix some rare cases where a second interrupt happens just after the same interrupt triggered its exception.

If that second "simultaneous" interrupt's signal happen less than 20 cycles after the current exception, it should be ignored (because IPL will be set twice for this interrupt, before it is cleared at the end of the IACK sequence).

A few games/demos rely on this (certainly not on purpose, as this is rather bad coding practice) : Super Monaco GP, Super Hang On, Monster Business, Europen Demo's Intro, BBC Compil Menu 52.

I tried a few STF programs without any problem, please test it still compiles/works on Falcon.


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