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I'll grab the new version and try this too - it will make things a lot easier.

BTW how best to deal with the labels-as-defines problem? Since the Hatari debugger takes the first label with a given address as 'the' label, this tends to pick the define versus the actual real label since defines tend to be at the top of a sourcefile.

If this is going to remain so, the only solutions I can think of involve:

a) prefix all defines with some reconizable filtering term, and filter them out with some kind of rule (e.g. _def_blah)
b) give defines a unique address by allocating memory to them (e..g  _def_blah ds.b 1; ...yuck) 

Currently I have to edit the symbol table before importing, to get rid of these :-/ ideally the debugger/profiler would assume the *last* label with a given address is the nearest but I assume thats too hard to fix in the debugger.


On 5 April 2013 01:28, Miro Kropáček <miro.kropacek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've now added support to Hatari for loading symbols from DRI & GST format
symbol tables in binaries.
Thanks Eero, you've made my day. I'll test & let you know about my feelings ;-)

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