[hatari-devel] Debug symbol handling

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I just commited some improvements to debug symbol reading
from program binaries, especially ones with symbol table
generated by GCC linker:

* fix GST long names recognization.

* ignore local symbols (.L*) as they would just
  generate *huge* amount of name conflict warnings
  and in general can be pretty useless due to
  names not being recognizable.

* ignore object file names, because often their
  address conflicts with the first symbol in that file,
  and absolute object file names (containing directory names)
  often don't fit into 22 chars i.e. might not be unique.

(I could revert at least part of last one if you think some
object file names are still useful.)

Hatari manual debugger section has also many updates.
Profiler post-processor is still to be documented there though.

	- Eero

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