Re: [hatari-devel] Cracks in the sound (YM+DMA)

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On 01/03/2013 19:19, David Savinkoff wrote:

Hi Nicolas,

After having more thought on this, I believe this current patch is the
best because it emulates reality.

The click (or pop) is the same one that happens when you power-cycle
an amplifier (or atari). The only downside here would be for public
performances at high volume (but the DJ is already used to this).


I never noticed this sound on my ST, maybe it depends on the tv monitor and the scart cable.

Anyway, if this click is due to centering the signal and we need a few frames when powering on to converge, isn't there a way to prefill the audio buffer or call the filters at init with somes empty sample values to simulate this init phase of the filter, but without playing the resulting buffer ?

Even if some ST had this kind of sound, I think people will complain if we get some click at startup ; I'm afraid it will be associated to a bug in our code (even if it's not the case)


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