Re: [hatari-devel] How to detect Hatari/68ec030

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On sunnuntai 27 tammikuu 2013, Roger Burrows wrote:
> I'm adding a PMMU tree to EmuTOS for 68030s.  Unfortunately, hatari.exe
> does not support a real 68030, just a 68ec030.  So I need to detect
> either Hatari itself or (preferably) a 68ec030 in order to bypass
> setting up the PMMU tree. I tried issuing a PMOVE TC,addr and trapping
> the resulting error, but it doesn't work for some reason.  And if I
> single-step through with the debugger to find out WHY it doesn't work,
> the debugger crashes when trying to display or trace through the PMOVE
> opcode.

You mean "d <address of pmove>" or "trace cpu_disasm"?

> Any assistance would be appreciated.
> Roger
> P.S. I am using Hatari 1.6.1 or 1.6.2 under Windows.

Can you send your EmuTOS version to me so that I can check
whether the debugger crash happens also with latest Hatari?

(plus your Hatari command line options / hatari.cfg.)

	- EERo

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