Re: [hatari-devel] One bug, one warning, one :)

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On 12/11/2012 08:19, David Savinkoff wrote:
Hi :)

I compiled and tested the latest Hatari and found 2 problems.

hatari/src/includes/ym2149_fixed_vol.h is missing
0x0A (end of line) at the end of the file and generates a
compiler warning.


commited, although I didn't see any warning with gcc 4.7-2012.10 or 4.4.3.

Hextracker has a new mouse problem.
Steps to reproduce:
- run Hextracker
- select LOAD MOD with mouse.
- note that the mouse freezes in the new window.
- note that the mouse pointer can only be moved
   with +arrow keys.
- note that the mouse works once you exit the new
   window (but freezes again when you exit Hextracker).
This is a new problem.

It still works for me in STF mode, tos 1.04 and hextracker 0.837.

Can you tell what version / tos / ... you're using ?


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