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On keskiviikko 21 marraskuu 2012, Jerome Vernet wrote:
> It was a long time since my last build on OSX (using my own XCode
> project). I have these two error:
> Undefined symbols:
>    "_NatFeat_Call", referenced from:
>        _OpCode_NatFeat_Call in hatari-glue.o
>       (maybe you meant: _OpCode_NatFeat_Call$non_lazy_ptr,
> _OpCode_NatFeat_Call )
>    "_NatFeat_ID", referenced from:
>        _OpCode_NatFeat_ID in hatari-glue.o
>       (maybe you meant: _OpCode_NatFeat_ID$non_lazy_ptr,
> _OpCode_NatFeat_ID )
> Come from calls from hatari-glue.c
> Seems to be the right files, and can'y find where NatFeat_ID are defined

$ rgrep '\bNatFeat_ID\b' src/
src/debug/natfeats.c:bool NatFeat_ID(Uint32 stack, Uint32 *retval)
src/debug/natfeats.h:extern bool NatFeat_ID(Uint32, Uint32 *retval);
src/cpu/hatari-glue.c:  if (NatFeat_ID(stack, &(Regs[REG_D0]))) {
src/uae-cpu/hatari-glue.c:      if (NatFeat_ID(stack, &(Regs[REG_D0]))) {

And those files are in the repository:
$ hg locate|grep natfeats

	- Eero

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