[hatari-devel] Hatari TODO list update?

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I was looking at Hatari todo.txt TODO list
and I think it needs a bit of an update.

Aren't all these about done / working now:
- Finish upgrading the CPU core of Hatari to the latest WinUAE
  which has better cycle accuracy needed by some programs:
        - Integrate MMU emulation
        - Update WinUAE core to its latest (a year newer) version
        - Fix & document cmdline options for selecting prefetch etc
          - GUI options for above [1]
- Hold & Sample and Hypermono modes for TT shifter
- ACSI emulation seems to be broken in TT mode.   [2]

[1] Docs aren't there as they're not yet declared stable,
    but SDL GUI has options them.

[2] I just tried ASCI with TT emulation and EmuTOS and it seemed
    to boot MiNT & XaAES fine.

Also, is there still something specific to be done for this:
- Improve STE Microwire/LMC1992 emulation.


	- Eero

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