Re: [hatari-devel] WinUAE Falcon emulation and FPU

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On maanantai 01 lokakuu 2012, Thomas Huth wrote:
> schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Why old UAE core emulates by default something which
> > isn't standard on 030?
> Because UAE means U* _Amiga_ Emulator, not U* _Atari_ Emulator ;-)
> More precisely, it originally also did not really emulate
> a 68030, but a 68020+FPU only, so this CPU level was rather used
> to enable the FPU for 68020 in the old UAE core. But since some people
> complained about that a Falcon rather needs a 68030, we upgraded it to
> 68EC030+FPU at one point in time :-)

I was more of asking can it be turned off and if yes,
shouldn't we turn it off as normal Falcon doesn't have an FPU?

> > IMHO it would be better to add something about that
> > at least to the compatibility list.  These kinds of
> > differences between our emulation cores can be a bit
> > surprising...
> Agreed, for such rare cases where it is not very obvious that
> that a program needs an FPU, it might be helpful to have a
> comment about that in the compatibility list. Could you add it?

Will do, once the above questions are clear.

I guess there needs to be both a generic comment
about the cores and something for each demo/program
that requires FPU.

> > Are there a lot of demos that *require* FPU?
> Not that I am aware of, only some very few I guess.

Hm.  Now I started to wonder is it possible that
there's something that does NOT work in presence
of FPU, e.g. because it detects FPU, but its FPU
support is broken...

	- Eero

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