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I don't know, I only have a VGA monitor and the demo only works on a RGB TV.
I have only seen it under Hatari.

Someone ?

Did you receive my message about the 68030 cache and cycles ?
(it's not in my mailbox, so I'm not sure it spreaded correctly)


Le 05/06/2012 21:49, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On tiistai 27 maaliskuu 2012, laurent.sallafranque@xxxxxxx wrote:
I've just uploaded a patch to disable negative borders. It also removes
some warnings.

This happens for example in 124 beers later demo, just before the first
rotozoom effect.
I just tried this.

Are the borders supposed to be white although demo itself has black

	- Eero

Left and right borders are starting with a size of -48. Then, the coder
increase them by one until they reach +5.

Why do they use nagative borders size ?
I think this generates something (maybe a hard zoom ?)

If this is the case, how can I code this ?

Another point for Mikro:

Mikro, if you read this, do you have any idea why the left/right borders
behave well in 256 colors and true colors but seems totally wrong in STe
mode ? I use your formulas to compute them (with border_offsets values).



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