Re: [hatari-devel] Compile error, zip.c

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> Line 122 looks like this:
> extern int ZEXPORT unzStringFileNameCompare OF ((const char* fileName1,                                                                                              
>                                                  const char* fileName2,                                              
>                                                  int iCaseSensitivity));
> What happens if you comment it out?

Then it works, but other lines fail with the same problem.
> If you for some wierd reason have some Windows or BeOS defines
> enabled in your build, ZEXPORT will probably be bogus.

Except for a newer zlib nothing on my machine changed that could influence
the build, as far as I can tell. The update from zlib 1.2.5 to
may have caused this problem. If this is the reason I would expect the
build to fail on other Linux machines as well, sooner or later.

> You could also try installing LLVM and check what clang compiler
> tells you.  It gives often better error messages than GCC.

I prefer to continue using gcc, it has worked fine for me for decades ;-).

Take care


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