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Hello Eero,

I played around with the Python UI and I have some questions. I'm
putting this directly on the list because I think we could have a
general discussion here.

a) Which Hatari configuration file is actually used at start of the
Python UI? 

I normally have seperate configurations, stored in different files.
Is there a simple way to access or select them.

b) What is the problem with starting in fullscreen? That should be the
default ;)

c) Is it possible to rearrange the control icons in windowed mode? I
think it would be more natural to have them at the top like Winston or

d) How GTK specific is the UI part with Python? Could it be possible to
port this UI to Windows? (Not for myself but for the tons of Windows
users who constantly complain that Hatari has no "nice" GUI on Windows.)

Otherwise I'm very impressed with the advances and new features of the
UI. E.q. last time I tried the UI it had no the GUI debugger window.

Matthias Arndt <marndt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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