Re: [hatari-devel] Sound sync patch to play with

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On 13/05/2012 20:37, David Savinkoff wrote:

Here is a patch for synchronizing Hatari to sound.
A check box in in the SDL GUI is provided to
enable or disable synchronization.

Documentation and comments are in the patch.
Give it a try. It should make things better if
there is a problem, and make little difference

ps. I'm resending this because I hope to have it in
the upcoming hatari release.


Hello, I didn't have time to test this yet. I will try to have a look (but other people opinion is also welcomed).

But at the base, I'm not sure I can really test this, I rarely experience such latency problems.

If you have this often, couldn't it be due to a not enough powerful cpu or bad audio driver for your specific audio hardware ?


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