Re: [hatari-devel] Missing items for Hatari 1.6 ?

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On torstai 29 joulukuu 2011, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> > * Check with old CPU things Laurent mentioned and update
> > 
> >    the compat list&  release notes accordingly.
> > 
> > * Fix the trace issue mentioned by Vincent.
> > 
> depending on available time, I will try to release Hatari 1.6 on the 1st
> january (I'll prepare packages before and do the release on sunday).
> So, now is the last chance to push some docs or fixing a regression in
> the devel version, next year it will be too late :)

I didn't have time to properly verify stuff in the compat list
(see my previous mail on the subject), but I removed the things
that aren't anymore true (need for 32Mhz for Falcon).

	- Eero

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