[hatari-devel] 2 more falcon demos running with the new core

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While testing, 2 more demos appear to run better with the latest WINUAE core and the latest timings.

- dementia by Aura : it works until the end (I've verified 100 000 lines of traces, DSP and CPU are perfectly in sync in this demo).
The sound is low (8 bit DMA stereo may be the problem to look at)

- Fried bits #3 Thing demo by Aura and Digital Chaos : this one never run after the first black and white screen.
Now it runs the 5 first effects.
The nemaining problems :

- Sound is OK, except during the 2nd effect (probably related to big cycle instructions), because just after this effect, the music becomes perfect again.
- the first effect (a coloured tunnel) is displayed strangely (Videl issue)
- the demo freezes after the 4th effect (black screen). Probably DSP/CPU Timings problems.

I'll play with it to try to solve some problems.


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