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On 27/01/2012 18:42, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:

I've continued to investigate on moongame :

 > The dbf at 5e71a is interrupted by a new VBL (video_cyc=0), but the
exception executes code at RAM $0, this is highly wrong and is the cause
for the crash.

 > For me, the problem is in
 > $05e6ec : 21f9 000d d21a 0070 move.l $dd21a,$0070.w

 > I think $dd21a is not correctly initialized and contains $0 instead
of the address of the VBL handler.

I've logged 12M instructions (2 Go of datas) for the beginning of
moongame to the ILLEGAL instruction.

Then, I've used a grep "dd21a" to find where it is initialized.
In fact, it is not. I guess it does an ILLEGAL on the falcon too.

If that was the case, the game would crash on falcon too.

The fact that the crash happens at the vbl start is not a coincidence for me. Maybe due to some timings issue the VBL happens *before* the program set dd21a when running under Hatari (there're some similar issues on STF).

For me there's no hint to an ikbd problem in the traces you sent.

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