[eigen] Eigen 3.3.9 released today!

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We are happy to announce that Eigen 3.3.9 has been released today!

This is a maintenance release fixing minor bugs and compilation issues. For more
details have a look at the changelog pasted below and on


The sources are available on GitLab:


Thanks to the community for making this possible.

Eigen 3.3.9 ChangeLog
* Commit 4e5385c90: Introduce rendering Doxygen math formulas with MathJax and
                    the option EIGEN_DOC_USE_MATHJAX to control this.
* Issue 2036: Make sure the CMake function find_standard_math_library_test_program
              compiles and doesn't optimize away the function we try to test for.
* Issue 2046: Rename test/array.cpp to test/array_cwise.cpp fix an issue with the
              C++ standard library header "array"
* Issue 2040: Fix an issue in test/ctorleak that occured when disabling expections.
* Issue 2011: Remove error counting in OpenMP parallel section in Eigen's GEMM
              parallelizing logic.
* Issue 2012: Define coeff-wise binary array operators for base class to fix an
              issue when using Eigen with C++20.
* Commit bfdd4a990: Fix an issue with Intel® MKL PARDISO support.

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