Re: [eigen] 3.3.8 expected on September 7

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Hi all,

Thanks a lot for discussing, testing and helping us with the planned 3.3.8

Due to some fixes we just recently picked from master into 3.3, we decided to
postpone the planned release for a few more days. I hope everyone understands
this decision, especially since the last release was quite some time ago and the
number of new commits is relatively large.

We'll definitely keep you updated, so stay tuned!


On 27. Aug 2020, at 10:29, Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear all,

let me start by taking this opportunity to thank David for revitalizing Eigen's developpement.

Thank to that, at long last we're having a new release of the stable 3.3 branch within a few days. Since it receives many more changesets than usual for such a minor release, it would be very welcome if some of you could test it with your favorite compiler and options:

git clone -b 3.3 eigen3.3
cd eigen3.3
mkdir build
cd build

# run cmake adapting the options to your Eigen's usage, e.g.:

# run ctest while submitting to cdash:
ctest -V -D Experimental -j 8


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