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On 18/12/2019 12.20, Joel Holdsworth wrote:
const Packet<uint32_t> E = a * b; // Some expensive calculation
const Packet<uint32_t> x = E + c;
const Packet<uint32_t> y = E + c;

This results in the value of E being stored onto the stack, and then reloaded twice to calculate x and y.

But of course, I just want E to stay in register.

I'm pretty sure that as long as `E` fits into a (set of) register(s) no reasonable compiler will store this on the stack, unless it actually runs out of register space, see e.g.:

Even if the small intermediate was stored on the stack, I assume the overhead should be negligible.

The problem is different, if you would want to apply your expressions at once on a set of large arrays. Something like the following will very likely require `E` getting stored or evaluated twice (unless the compiler is really smart detecting duplicated code or load after store).

    ArrayXi a,b,c,d; // input from somewhere

    ArrayXi E = a*b; // some expensive operations
    ArrayXi x = E+c, y=E+d;

For solving that problem you may be interested in:


I was wonder if there needs to be a new intermediate-friendly variant of Eigen::Array where the data is stored in arrays of SIMD types instead of plain-old-C arrays.

A while ago I started thinking about implementing Meta-Packets, but mostly to clean-up the current SIMD code base:
This includes a proof-of-concept implementation, but I never actually continued working on that.


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