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I don’t know c-xsc, but if the library provides high precision integral/ floating point types why not just use them with eigen, since everything is templated on the Scalar type. 

On Tue 5. Nov 2019 at 16:45, Peter <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Christoph,

Am 05.11.19 um 16:36 schrieb Christoph Hertzberg:

> You could create your own custom type `my_int16` for which `my_int16 * my_int16` results in a `my_int32` (this needs to be told to Eigen, similar to how real*complex products are handled).

This could indeed be a way.
BTW, I was thinking in the spirit of exact scalar products for floating points like in C-XSC.
Maybe an option for Eigen 7.0.

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