[eigen] Upgrading to cmake 3.5 or 3.0?

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Recently, this bug/request was added, asking to raise the required cmake version to 3.5.1:

This should only concern you if you have a rather old Linux distribution AND you want to install an up-to-date Eigen-version (which would still be possible by manually copying the relevant headers) or build the test-suite/documentation on your machine.

Since barely anyone follows every bug report, I'm asking on this mailing list, if there are (reasonable) objections against that step? If not, we'd upgrade our minimal version with the Eigen-3.4 release (and perhaps for Eigen-3.3.8 release as well).

Preferably, do technical discussions at the bug-entry (if you don't have an account, and only small, non-technical comments, of course just answering here is fine).


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