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Hi Gael,

>> since "eigen" is already taken (and I got no answer from the owner despite one reminder)  

Have you contacted GitLab support about this? They're usually quite responsive. Eigen is a project with quite some weight behind it, it may not be unlikely that they can do something.


On Wed, 18 Sep 2019 at 09:55, Wood, Tobias <tobias.wood@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This also remind me that we'll have to do something about this git-mirror.. We can either:

> (1) - make it empty with a link to the new git repo

> (2) - keep it as is (i.e., no sync) for a short period and then proceed as (1)

> (3) - delete it and recreate it as a synced mirror of the new repo, and then after a short period proceed as (1) 


> If I'm not mistaken option (3) will probably break all users of this mirror, so that's probably not the best option!


I am one of the users of the current github mirror, and yes, as I understand it option 3 isn’t really an option because of the re-written history. I see no point in it.


I think option (1) is best. I look forward to swapping over to the gitlab mirror.



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