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Good question. In February 2019 we were very close to release a beta1 (expected for March) but since then I've been too busy to devote much time to Eigen. Moreover, bitbucket's bad new regarding the deletion of all mercurial repositories next year will keep us a bit busy to figure out a safe migration plan.

IIRC, early 2019, the major blocker for 3.4 was the expected refactoring of the Quaternion class [1][2]. Without a clear consensus, we'll have to drop it for 3.4. So beside fixing a few potential regressions [3] we should be good to go.


On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 7:33 PM Frederico Brückelmann <frederico.brueckelmann@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello there,

I couldn’t find any public information on the release date of Eigen 3.4.
Could you comment on the state of development and the timeline of the intended release?
The new features look very promising.

Thanks for the great work,


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