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On 26/08/2019 16.18, David Tellenbach wrote:

Actually, current PRs also have the problem that they are not usable, if the requester (accidentally) removes (or overwrites) the fork repository.
Yes this seems to be the exact same issue: PRs not based on diffs but on forks. Something almost all providers do. I never liked that PRs are mainly a provider and not a VCS feature.

And maybe having existing PRs imported to any form of new PR-management should not need to be the top-priority. If we have a much better mechanism for PRs on any future host, than just some kind of (more or less) static image of previous PRs could be good enough (especially, if the new mechanism does not have an easy way to import existing PRs -- which could be difficult since the new host won't have all users registered which ever took part at our current PRs).
If this is enough we can easily work something out (regarding PRs):

- Diffs for a PR:{PR-id}/diff <>
- Comments on a PR:{PR-id}/comments <>

This looks promising and in my eyes sufficient if we don't get anything better. If our new host would allow to forward "#N" inside commit messages to an archive as long as N<threshold, and start enumerating new PRs starting at that threshold, it would be even greater :)

Of course, we also need a place where we actually store the old PRs. And decide how we transit from the old to the new PRs.


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