[eigen] Let's plan a 3.4 beta1, help needed!

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Hi list,

the previous weeks I eventually found some bits of time to write a summary of new 3.4 features:

as well as  initial user-doc for the main new features we have in the devel branch (slicing, indexing from arrays, reshape, STL iterators). They are not that great, but should be enough to get started. Any help in improving them is more than welcome! In particular look at these pages:

We also need to update the quick-ref page to leverage the new slicing API, reshape, etc:

Same for the the matlab equivalences:

I won't have time to work on that matter myself any soon, so if we want a 3.4 release, help is required!

Besides documentation issues, the only true blocker, aka regression versus 3.3.5, is bug 1611 that I can fix myself today. Then if nobody has any other blockers in mind then we should be able to release a 3.4 beta1 as soon as the doc gets up to date.


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