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On 2018-11-05 15:34, Ola Røer Thorsen wrote:
Hi, we're using fixed-size Eigen matrices (eigen 3.3.5), mostly
3-element-vectors, quaternions and 3x3 matrices but also larger ones. We've
been initializing them with the comma initializer, but looking at the
assembly produced the compiler (gcc 7) is not able to optimize everything
away even for small code like

Eigen::Vector3f v;
v << 1,2,3;

GCC sometimes has trouble to fully optimize code inside the main function -- simply renaming your function will give fully optimized code (I'm not sure whether that is a known issue or a "feature" of GCC). Also, once you sufficiently tested your code, you should compile with `-DNDEBUG` to disable assertions.



Would it be possible to add some C++11 (or 14) feature to help in this
regard? Not sure if you want to keep Eigen completely free of
C++11-features. I've tried some variadic template "make_matrix" functions
that seem to do the trick, not having to do the error checks runtime.
Ideally, it would be nice to be able to write stuff like

const Eigen::Matrix3f m{ 1,2,3, 4,5,6, 7,8,9 };

Yes, this had been discussed a while ago:

We are not strictly "C++03 only" anymore.
The main issues are to agree on things like memory order (should this always be row-major, like the Comma-initializer?), or how to resolve ambiguous cases.
Also, how to compose more complex expressions from existing sub-matrices:

  // how to mark that A21 starts a new row?
  Eigen::MatrixXf A{ A11, A12, A21, A22};
  Eigen::MatrixXf A{ {A11, A12}, {A21, A22}};


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