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On 2018-08-20 15:14, bubnikv wrote:

We are developing a 3D printing software
(fork of

We are now trying to replace the homebrew point classes with the Eigen
fixed size types. As the code base is quite large, we want to avoid
alignment issues by declaring fixed vector types with the Eigen::DontAlign
attribute. So far so good, with the exception of Eigen::Rotation2D, which
is not templated with the alignment attribute, so it cannot be used against
the fixed size matrices with Eigen::DontAlign. Is there any reason for
that? Would you guys please extend the class with the alignment template

Rotation2D stores just a single Scalar (the angle), so there is no need/possibility to align it. Alternatively, you could store a 2D rotation as a 2x2 matrix, or as a complex number (neither of them inherits from RotationBase, though).

We are thinking of using for some
operations on triangle meshes, where the vectorized operations may or may
not be beneficial. We may just disable alignment / vectorization for the
whole application. We are not sure about the performance penalty, but
looking at the evaluation of Eigen 2 from 2008
the loss may be significant.

On modern CPUs the difference between aligned and not-aligned is far less or even non-existing (except for effects like crossing cache-lines). And with Eigen 3.3 it is possible to use vectorization on unaligned data (enabled by default):

So make meaningful benchmarks on the CPU you want to target to decide if you need to invest time into that.

We may then think about converting between the aligned / non aligned
values. Does Eigen support any conversion between aligned / unaligned
types? I know about the .cast<>() operator, but it does not allow me to
change the alignment attribute.

You can simply copy in either direction, or you can mix aligned and non-aligned data inside expressions. No need to cast here.


Thanks for your time,

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