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looks like there are some issues with boost on your OSX setup (I compile fine on both Linux and OSX). Anyways, for compiling/running the tests you are supposed to use the -k" option to continue on failure and then ctest will report the ones which failed as "not run". You can also focus on the "official" part of Eigen, there are several ways:

cd test ; make -jN -k ; ctest -jN


make -k -jN BuildOfficial ; ctest -L Official

For CI, see, but I'm not sure the info are still 100% accurate. I'm currently using a gitlab mirror with gitlab-ci with Linux and Windows workers testing gcc (5-32bits and 8-64bits), clang (3.8 and 6), msvc (2013, 2017). Christoph is also running some nightly builds with gcc/clang on Linux vua a cron job.

Building all unit tests at every commit is not an option because compiling the unit tests takes too much time (from 25 to 60 minutes for a single version of clang or gcc, and from 6 to 10 hours with MSVC...)


On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 2:30 AM David Hyde <dabh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'm trying to build and run the test suite for Eigen (latest master).  However, I run into compiler errors for the tests (I can't even run the tests yet).  I've tried compiling the tests on both macos (clang 10.0) and linux (g++ 6.3.0), and I get errors in both cases.  On macos the errors happen quite early (3% into the build), while on linux it almost completes (86%).

First, do you have any suggestions for how I can resolve these errors?  I've attached the error logs for both platforms.  I want to write some new tests, but I first want to make sure that all the current tests can pass on at least one of my systems.

Second, am I even using supported compilers?  I think Eigen claims it's supported on g++ and clang, but are the tests?  If there is some specific OS/compiler where the tests are supposed to pass, maybe I can start there (for example, I know there are newer g++ versions).

Third, what is the status of CI/build servers for Eigen?  I think it could be really helpful if there were workers for automatically building the tests daily for these various platforms, and maybe CI tests could be run on every commit so it's easy to find which commits broke builds.  It looks like some build servers might be setup -- is there a list of what platforms they're running, and is there any process for enrolling new hosts as build servers?  (I could contribute some hosts with platforms similar to what I'm using, if the maintainers would be interested.)



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